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My mission as a professional is to provide excellent legal services to my clients for fair and reasonable compensation. I practice as a firm and not as an individual. I seek to earn and maintain the respect of my clients, my colleagues and the legal community, as well as enhance self respect by providing outstanding professional services to my clients.

My goal is to be the best law firm possible, not necessarily the biggest or most profitable.

In all matters, I shall undertake to represent each of my clients as I would want to be represented. As a lawyer, I am committed to excel in my areas of practice and provide my clients the full benefit of my knowledge, ability and effort.

I recognize that my continued success requires a firm investment in human and technical resources. I am committed to the investment of time, energy and money as an integral part of my practice so that the quality of my law practice can be continually improved. I recognize my accountability to each person working in this office and the mutual responsibility for the implementation of these goals.

I shall strive to enable my employees to grow in their highest potential while rewarding their personal efforts and contributions.

I shall provide a quality working environment for my employees and accord them the recognition which they deserve.

I recognize my obligation to my family and to the community in which we live and work. I support civic activities and encourage my employees to participate in them.

I intend to conduct this firm in a businesslike manner, employing all the benefits and economies of technology and efficient organization. I reject, however, the concept that the practice of law is to be shaped by a profit orientation which diverts and obstructs us from the achievement of my professional goals.

I view my ultimate objective as the rendering of service, and the making of profit is only a component, albeit an important component, in the pursuit of that objective.

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